“The SAPinsider team was not only a pleasure to work with, but they delivered higher quality leads than any of our other webinar campaigns — and more of them! We quickly turned that single webinar into the first of a 5-part series that generated over 1,500 new leads. We've booked another 5-part webinar series, and we know SAPinsider will deliver for us yet again.”

Amanda Wierling
Marketing Director
Decision First Technologies

SAPinsider Webinar

As a marketer you have the desire to generate qualified, highly engaged leads, but you might not have the time and energy to plan, promote, and execute a webinar campaign. That’s where we come in — just provide your speaker and presentation slides then let us handle the rest!

Run your next online event through SAPinsider to:

  • Align your organization with the credibility of the educational SAPinsider brand
  • Take the pressure off your marketing team by letting SAPinsider’s Webinar Concierge, marketing team, and editorial team handle the promotion, production, hosting, and management of your event
  • Connect with decision-makers who have been qualified by educational purchases
  • Elevate the status of your thought leaders without taking them away from client engagements
  • Get exposure on the SAPinsider website, twitter account, and quarterly newsletters
  • Access leads that will flow in for six months after the initial push

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